Do you know if you or who has to file an IRS Form 720 Quarterly Excise Tax Return???

Do you know if you have to file IRS Forms 720 or 2290 that deals with Excise Tax?

Do you sale fuel or tobacco?  Do you have heavy trucks and tractors or just simply own an indoor tanning bed salon?  If so, you are subject to filing a Quarterly IRS Form 720 labeled ‘Federal Excise Tax Return.’ 

This has to be done in conjunction with your businesses income tax return, so, don’t fall short on all of the forms needed to file a complete return. You could subject yourself to an audit that could cause more havoc to you in the long run than prosperity for your future. 

Your company could have even overpaid on Excise Tax and are due a refund.  Do you know how to go about filing for that and what form you should use??

Come to the professionals at Hopkins CPA Tax and we’ll make sure your return is complete.  Be sure to check out our team members who have extreme knowledge when it comes to taxes and IRS issues. 

Call us at 361-360-3855 and we can help with any questions you may have. 


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