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Joe has been a good mentor to me and has introduced me to different tax strategies and techniques. He strengths are being well versed in the tax code and his efficiency with identifying issues for the Clients. Joe also has to the skills to communicate that information in a easily digestible manner, where his Clients and staff and execute the plan. Joe has always be open to connecting me with other professionals who can assist me with office automation or higher level tax trainings. If you are seeking a tax advisor, Joe is your guy.
Antonio Glenn
I have been working with Joe for approximately six months and we worked together on several cases. He is located in Texas and I am in Florida and we actually got to meet in June!! Joe is one of the most knowledgeable and professional CPA's and Tax Resolution Expert that I know. I look forward to my continued relationship with Joe.
Julie Lynch
I am a CPA and recently retired from the IRS after working there for 40 years in the Small Business, Large Business and Appeals Divisions. Currently, I am working several IRS cases together with Joe. The first case we have involves a client that faced a civil fraud penalty. Our primary goal was to ensure that the civil fraud penalty would not be recommended and we were successful in negotiating its removal. That penalty is 75% of the tax liability. We are also in the process of resolving several penalty abatement cases (accuracy, delinquency, failure to file, fraud, etc...) where we negotiate with the IRS to have proposed penalties reduced or removed. Joe is great to work with as a Tax Resolution professional as we both enjoy resolving IRS tax matters. CALL JOE; you wont be disappointed!!
Herbert Cantor