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    Abatement of Penalty

    Abatement of Penalty – Remove Your IRS Penalties and Interest Today

    FBAR Services

    FBAR Filing | FBAR Representation | FBAR Reporting | FBAR Services

    IRS Audit Representation

    With the IRS auditing less than one percent of tax returns in recent years, you may be thinking it can’t happen to you.

    Received IRS Letter or Notice

    Former IRS agents and managers end your problem now. STOP IRS NOW! AFFORDABLE!

    Large Dollar IRS Tax Cases

    IRS treats Large Dollar IRS Cases differently than other cases, let us help. Call us to get started!

    Unfiled Tax Return

    Use Former IRS Agents and Managers who can get you back in the system worry free.

    Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

    How to file Innocent Spouse Tax Form The rules are long and complicated but do not be stuck with your spouses tax debt!

    Expatriate Tax Services

    Expatriate Tax Services – Representation, Tax Returns, Back Tax Settlements

    Apply for Hardship Status

    If you owe the IRS and can’t pay taxes due to hardship, call Hopkins CPA

    Tax Relief Service

    Tax and Financial Planning Services

    Get personalized tax and financial plans that fit your unique needs and goals!

    State Formation LLC / S Corporation Services

    Confused about choosing the best state to incorporate your business or form an LLC?

    Audit Protection Program

    We offer assistance if you receive any IRS notices related to your 2022 tax return.

    Other Services

    Tax Relief Service

    Tax Relief Service